Tag Sales

Tag Sales

Long Island's Premier Tag Sale!

Alix’s Tag Sales began in 1970 when we were just a small antique shop in Port Washington. Now we are a fully licensed and insured company that runs tag sales in Long island, Roslyn, Bayside, and other surrounding areas. Drawing from our lineage of antiques, we are able to value items and give our customers the most back when they choose to sell, while providing buyers with great deals and high quality merchandise. Whether you are located in Long Island or are from one of the surround areas, don’t hesitate to come out and see what great items we have on sale!

tag sales in Long Island, Roslyn & Bayside, NY

What is the Difference Between a Garage, Estate & Tag Sale?

 Garage & Estate Sales

There is sometimes confusion regarding the difference between a tag sale, estate sale, and a garage sale. A garage sale is generally just the sale of someone’s unwanted items, regardless of whether they are of high value or not. Alternatively, an estate sale is the liquidation of a deceased persons’ physical assets. Items in an estate sale will typically be of much higher value than those found in a garage sale, and the event itself will be run by professionals. The professionals will be hired by the family or executors of the estate, and will appraise, clean, display and price items.

Tag Sales

A tag sale is a mix between an estate sale and a garage sale in that the items being sold belong to a living person, but are typically of higher quality than what would be found at a garage sale. Tag sales are also managed by professionals, and will usually contain high quality antiques and furniture. 

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