Estate & Tag Sales for Bayside, Long Island, & Roslyn, NY

Many people don’t know what to do with those belongings they don’t need any more when they begin planning a move or after a family member passes away. After taking stock of your inventory, contact Alix’s Tag Sales. We have a useful solution for those unwanted items – we can help you sell them.

Alix’s Tag Sales has been helping people host estate & tag sales to sell fine antiques, art, jewelry, and other household items in Roslyn & Garden City, NY since 1970. This is especially convenient for those who are moving and trying to limit the amount of packing they have to do. Instead of bringing those unnecessary items, Alix’s Tag Sales will run a tag sale to earn you extra money. Make Alix's Tag Sales your go-to stop for tag and estate sales in Roslyn, Bayside & Garden City, NY!

Estate Sales Bayside, NY

Learn more about Alix’s Tag Sales, our story, and how our experienced crew can help you.

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Tag Sales Roslyn, NY

Looking for antiques, jewelry, and collectibles? Come to one of our events and find your next treasure.

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Estate Sales Garden City, NY

We have been helping customers with unwanted items since 1970. See what they have to say!

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Alix’s Tag Sales
Host a tag sale to earn money for those items you don’t need anymore!
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Let Us Handle Your Estate Sale!

In addition to tag sales, Alix’s Tag Sales is also a trusted choice for estate sales. We know that selling these possessions can be difficult, so we respectfully work with you to make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

Alix’s Tag Sales is a full-service company, and we’re fully licensed and insured to handle tag sales and estate sales for customers in Roslyn, NY; Bayside, NY; and Garden City, NY. Call us today to get started! Our experienced team will accurately appraise the value of your items and make sure you get the most money back.

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Don’t let unused or unwanted items in your home go to waste. You can get money for those antiques, jewelry pieces, and household items. Call Alix’s Tag Sales today if you’d like to have an estate sale, tag sale or cleanout. 

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